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My love for dogs started when I was 5 years old and my brother bought home Luna and Mono at 8 weeks old. Brother and sister American Staffordshire Terriers, it was when I met them a spark flickered inside me to learn more about man's best friend - Canis Lupus Familiaris, the ancestors of wolves, domesticated dogs.

My canine journey

My Mum would wake up in the morning, freak out because I wasn't in my bed, only to find me sleeping in the kennels with Luna and Mono, snug as a pug.

At the age of 10, we got Macarena, a beautiful Staffy X. I hand fed and walked her. We had a beautiful 9 years together until she passed at the exact moment my Abuelita (Grandma) passed.

Man's best friend australia dog trainer
Man's best friend australia dog trainer

Then came the man, the myth, the legend himself, Koda, another American Staffy X... notice a pattern here? To this day my friends and family still talk about my boy and his presence. It was through him that I had dreams of being where I am today.

After I lost Koda to an infection, I promised myself, I would never own another dog because of the pain his loss caused me. But weeks after Koda's passing came Zen. He was born on the exact day Koda had passed.

Zen was my turning point to be an advocate for dogs and responsible dog ownership. It was with him that I created Man's Best Friend Australia.

I was tired of society and frustrated at how many dogs were being mistreated and misunderstood so I decided to go for a looooooong walk with my mate, Zen. We accomplished a whopping 850km, 45 day walk + cycle from Murwillumbah to Sydney advocating against the mistreatment of dogs.

          Check that out here.


Fast forward to 2020 where I now have 4 beautiful American Staffys, Zen, Sombra, Alma and Han, my very own dog pack. I'm fortunate enough to get to work locally as a dog trainer, creating a community of responsible dog ownership whilst improving the relationship between humans and dogs.

Man's best friend australia dog trainer

Meet My Dogs

Man's best friend australia dog


Big fan of licking ears.

Man's best friend australia dog

Han (Solo)

The big friendly giant.

Man's best friend australia dog trainer


The dog-personification of a grumpy 'ole granddad.

Man's best friend australia dog trainer


Agile snuggle monster.

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