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Dog Training with John

Hi, I'm John, a dog trainer based out of the Tweed Valley, Northern New South Wales. I provide obedience training & behavioural modification.

It's a common misconception that training your dog to be obedient - by teaching it sit, stay etc -  will automatically make it a "good" dog. What we really need to work on is building a solid relationship with our canine companions.

Most of my training is actually done with you, the human, where I teach you what your dog may be trying to tell you and arming you with all the knowledge to interpret your dog's body language and communication to respond accordingly.

I offer small group sessions, for adult dogs and puppies alike, as well as puppy school and private dog training out of the comfort of your own home, or the local park.

With years of experience owning and training my own dogs, and my passion for all aspects of canine behaviour, I want to work with you and your dog to get you living your best lives together.

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So can you help me with _____?

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I can help your pooch and you with:

  • Over-excitability

  • Jumping on strangers

  • Leaving wildlife alone

  • Walking

  • Aggression

  • Anxiety

  • Getting confidence back

  • Responsible socialisation

  • Counter-conditioning

  • Recall

  • Living your best lives

  • Multi-dog homes

  • Desensitisation

  • And much more

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Get in touch today to chat or book in a consultation where I come to meet your family and your dog and assess how we can work together to get your dog living it's best life!